Global Trade Concern is providing it's export services for the following Bangladeshi traditional products:
Brief descriptions of the above category of products are as following:


We categorize Bangladeshi jute sector into three groups. These are:
  1. jute Product: jute products are jute yarn, jute twine, jute rope, jute webbing or jute tape, Burlap sheet or hessian sheet or burlap square or hessian square, jute soil saver or geo jute, burlap cloth or hessian cloth, jute Carpet backing cloth or jute CBC, and jute canvas, etc.
  2. jute Bag [jute Sack]: Based on the weight of fabric jute bags are classified into tow main groups. These are: Heavy weight sacking bag or jute sack and comperatively light weigt burlap bag or hessian bag or gunny bag.

    jute sacking bags or jute sacks are again classified into tow groups based on the construction of fabric. These are: twill sacking bag with twill weave and double warp dw sacking bag which has double warp plain wevae. Some examples of twill sacking bags are binola twill bag, b twill bag, l twill bag and a twill bag, etc. whereas light cees bag, heavy cees bag, dw hop bag, dw nitrate bag, dw flour bag and dw salt bag, etc. are the examples of dw bag.

    On the other hand hessian bags or burlap bags or gunny bags come with plain weave only.
    However, depending on the demand of end users, the above main two types of bag have the usage as:
  3. jute Handicraft: jute handicrafts anre basically promotional and household jute products which are crafted and made by hand. jute handicrafts are widely used for promotion of corporate trademark, brand name, business name, business address, products and services, etc.
    Widely consumed jute handicrafts there are:


We classify Bangladeshi textile sector into three main areas. These are:
  1. Home Textile: Home textiles refer to household textiles which are available in form of rolled cloth ready for sewing or as finished products (sewed). Home fabrics are widely used as or for producting mattress cover, bed sheet, bed cover, pillow cover, blanket cover, curtain, table cloth, sofa cover, chair cover, furniture upholstery, bathrobe, bath mat, towel and handkerchief, etc.
  2. Suiting Textile: We are intended to source and export the following suiting textiles from Bangladesh. cotton fabric, flannel fabric, sateen fabric, polyester fabric, viscose fabric, poplin fabric, CVC fabric (60% cotton, 40% polyester), TC fabric (65% polyester, 35% cotton), polyester viscose fabric (55% polyester, 45% viscose or 52% polyester, 48% viscose), chiffon fabric, taffeta fabric, georgette fabric, crape fabric, rayon fabric, silk fabric, canvas fabric, oxford fabric, chambray fabric, denim fabric, fleece fabric, pique fabric, herringbone fabric, jersey fabric, rib fabric and lycra fabric etc.
  3. Readymade Garment: we are providing professional export service for sourcing, producing and exporting woven and knitted readymade garments which are: suit, casual shirt, t+shirt, polo shirt, denim shirt, sweat shirt, sweater, coat, jacket, blouse, tank top, tight top, gown, hoody, pull over, casual pant, trouser, denim pant, cargo pant, short, boxer pant, sport gear, underwear and hosiery, etc.


To provide our professional export service we diversify Bangladeshi Leather sector into three main segments. These are:
  1. Genuine Leather: In the production proceess of finished leather, pre+tanned leather is the backup material of vegetable tanned leather whereas crust leather is the backup material of semi+chrome leather and full chrome leather. Such process is done based on the production prerequisites of various genuine leather products.
    Among various types full veg, semi chrome and full chrome genuine leather there are crust leather, full grain leather, top grain leather, corrected leather, split leather, grainless buffed leather, nubuck leather and suede leather, etc.
  2. Leather Product: We provide extensive service professionally to source and export the following genuine leather froducts from Bangladesh:
  3. Leather Wear: Leather wears within our service range refer to 100% genuine leather wears only. Various high quality accessories are chosen and selected to produce comfortable, stylish and eyecatching leather wears. These genuine leather wears are:


We ensure the best available quality tea through our export service. Bangladeshi tea, mostly black tea or black CTC tea is highly appreciated by the bulk tea importer as well as end users worldwide because of it's superior flavour, aroma and color.

There are three main types of CTC tea available in Bangladesh, which are known as broken tea, fanning tea and dust tea. Different grades of broken tea are FP tea or flowery pekoe tea, FBOP tea or flowery broken orange pekoe tea, BOP tea or broken orange pekoe tea and GBOP tea or golden orange broken pekoe tea, grades of fanning tea are known as OF tea orange fanning tea, FOF tea flowery orange fanning tea, PF tea or Pekoe fanning tea and dust tea are RD tea or red dust tea, PD tea or pekoe dust tea and CD tea or churamoni dust tea.

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