We provide import sourcing service for several legal traditional and non traditional foreign tangible products from foreign countries to Bangladesh for our local prospective and established clients based on their requirement. Some of these product categories listed below:

  • Industrial Raw Material
  • Electrical Product
  • Electrical Home Appliance
  • Electronlic Product
  • Desktop Computer, Laptop & Tab
  • Mobile Phone
  • Mobile Phone Accessory
  • Scientific Equipment
  • Wireless Communication Equipment
  • Tele Communication Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • All Kinds of Chemical
  • Light Weight Vehicle
  • Heavy Weight Vehicle
  • Automobile Spare Part
  • All Kinds of Fabric
  • All Kinds of Garment
  • All Kinds of Bodywear
  • All Kinds of Footwear
  • Passanger & Cargo Vassel
  • Scrapped Vessel
  • Passanger & Cargo Aircraft
  • Arm & Ammunition
  • Field Equipment

We accept payment by major local and international credit and debit cards for our import sourcing service.